multidimension has one simple goal

to deliver the best brand experience to our audience.

It was always an ambition that one day, an entity would exist that would change the rules on how people saw products, services and individuals. A company that would work in symbiosis with clients to achieve truly exceptional and unique results.multidimension studios has one simple goal: to deliver the best experience to our audience.

Through relevant, smart and practical design solutions, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their business goals and create the best solutions that will add value to their brand.



  • Website DESIGN &

    Keeping your vision in mind, our team of dedicated designers and developers can create high-quality websites best suited for your brand. While focusing on capturing attention, we imbue every aspect of our visual design work with the essence of your brand. We architect fully responsive branded websites, be it for the launch of a new product or project, or a revamp of an existing brand. Moreover, we also take every opportunity to use the most advanced tools and technologies to provide users with delight throughout their website experience.

  • Mobile App

    Engage your customers where they spend time the most - their smartphones. With an average person looking at his screen close to 5 hours a day, we can assist you in building a seamless and user-friendly mobile application, whether it's for e-commerce, information, promotion or just for fun. We turn awe-inspiring digital designs into striking, functioning experiences that look and behave the way they were intended to across screens and mobiles of all types, sizes, and systems. Through our widespread knowledge, we artfully enhance user interaction through the mobile application.

    Services include: Application Design, Application Development, User Interface Design

  • Graphic design & Branding

    Turning your vision into reality, that’s what our team aims to do with our graphic design and branding services.   At multidimension, we blend exhaustive brand knowledge, extensive competitive information and intuitive consumer insight to create targeted communication that delivers on results. From flyers to gift vouchers, rollout banners to building wraps, our talented team of designers and copywriters can aptly convey your message.

    Services include: Identity Design, Brand Communication, Print and Advertising: Indoor and Outdoor, Illustrations and Motion Graphics

  • Social Media

    Social Media is strongly becoming the way companies communicate their brand’s message and connect with target audiences. We work hand-in-hand with you to develop an overall digital brand and marketing strategy to make sure your brand is found all over the digital world. We help you build customer experiences across all touch points, create on-going relationships with your consumers and provide tools that drive engagement.

    Services include: Social Media Management, Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Applications, Contests Facebook Fan Building, Facebook E-Commerce



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